Four Oaks Sanctuary

Welcome to Four Oaks Sanctuary, located on the banks of the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake, Virginia. This is our home, our farm, and a healing sanctuary where we offer a variety of healing modalities and processes. This home has been in my family for generations. My grandfather built it and my children are the 4th generation to live here.


Our gardens and hives. My husband is a beekeeper and I’m an herbalist and love gardening and cooking healthy, home grown food.DSCF5567

The pool, named Gustav after the protagonist from Death in Venice. Yes, the pool is old and showing it’s age but we keep patching it up and painting its face and it still holds water, so…! This place was once a women’s health spa.


The Temple and back yard with a view of the Elizabeth River. This little cottage is where we hold our monthly Chesapeake Red Tent Temple, a free (donation run), monthly healing circle for the women in the community. Held, as much as it is possible, on the 1st Sunday after the new moon from 7-9pm. The Temple is also used during Priestess Circles, Shield Maidens Circles and for other events.



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