Are you interested in the Illuminated Priestess Path? Would you like to join or host a circle? I love working from our beautiful sanctuary on the Elizabeth River in coastal Virginia where we have room to gather with a large circle of women. If you prefer to host a circle, please contact me as I am happy to travel to you.

Illuminated Priestess Path

The Illuminated Priestess Path is a women’s process. The IPP cycle lasts for approximately 9 months. We begin with an Introductory weekend where we focus on the Priestess Within, the Inner Maiden and Blood Mysteries . For the women who then commit to the process, the next weekend will be Initiation. The IPP is an Initiation Cycle intended to activate your inner Priestess! By participating in an IPP circle, you will heal and whole into your life as a more authentic woman and into your sacred work as an empowered, in-power-ed woman. See more…

The Importance of Talking Circles

Until a few years ago my entire experience with talking circles consisted of one trip to a horrible Al-Anon group and the understanding that there was a form of group therapy where everyone sat in a circle. Amazing how my perspective and experience have changed as a result of hosting Red Tent Temple, the Illuminated Priestess Path and facilitating girl’s empowerment circles. The talking circle is one of the most powerful elements in any woman’s group or group process. See more…

Walking the Path of the Shamanic Priestess, A Mother-Daughter Tale

Imagine a circle of women so open-minded, so accepting, that a mother could show up in their midst with an elevenyearold daughter and those same women would accept that girl as an equal among them.

Last year my daughter and I attended the Shamanic Priestess Process together in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. She was 11 years old when she heeded a call from spirit to come with me and take part in this powerful and deep work. See more…

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