Who Is Be?

I am Be-gatherer, circler, hollow bone. I am a clearer of old stories, those we tell ourselves which hold us bound. I come into the world naked as I can be in any given moment. I am a point of connection in the webs of life and light.

Priestess, Herbalist, Clearer of Ways, Heart-Sourced Empath, Journeyer, Healer. I am devoted to the Divine Feminine.

In 2012–after a near-death experience and in the midst of a Shamanic Underworld experience– I was drawn to commit to a Shamanic Priestess Circle in Western North Carolina, though I had no idea at the time how life-changing the circle would be. By the end of the process I was committed to apprenticing in order to bring this work to women.

I am an Illuminated Magdalene High Priestess in the lineage of Nicole Christine and Anyaa McAndrew. I facilitate women’s and maiden’s circles, do Personal and Space Clearing Protocols! I host a monthly Red Tent Temple and am a Professional Organizer.

For 40 years I have studied spirituality and religion. My call has always been toward Celtic Shamanism, however Native American archetypes and symbols are my language of spirit. Egyptian Alchemy and the Egyptian Pantheon are close to my heart and my lineage leads me back there, as it does to the British Isles. Here in the United States, I am the child of colonizers, set adrift centuries before my birth from my spiritual lineage. And thus, I am a searcher, always seeking connection and deeper roots.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Old Dominion University. My major was English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing/Poetry and I minored in Anthropology out of a deep love and connection to the various cultures of the world, past and present.

My circle siStars, Ashleigh and Ali with me in the middle. Bradley Creek Falls, NC

Trainings and Certifications: Shamanic Priestess Process Facilitator; Magdalene Mysteries Process Facilitator; Reiki Master; Level II Cranio-Sacral therapist; Space and Personal Clearing Practitioner; Reverend; licensed Celebrant, Commonwealth of Virginia; Young Living Oils Distributor; Shamanic Journeys; Horse Medicine Journeys; Flower Essence Practitioner;  Shadow Work Facilitator; Grid Worker; Herbalist; Bee Priestess.

4th generation resident of Chesapeake, Virginia, I live in what used to be my Grandfather’s home which is truly a Sanctuary for family and visitors.

I’m a horse lover and the mother of several humans and more than several animals.

My life is a work in progress, deeply human, imperfect and riddled with averageness. I am content with being transient, impermanent, and a little weird.

Evan Boland puts it so well,
Consider rivers.
they are always en route to

Their own nothingness. From the first moment
They are going home. And so
When language cannot do it for us,
Cannot make us know love will not diminish us,
There are these phrases
of the ocean
To console us
particular and unafraid of their completion.
In the end
Everything that burdened and distinguished me
Will be lost in this:
I was a voice.”
From the poem, Anna Liffey,

About Four Oaks Sanctuary:

Four Oaks Sanctuary is a 5 acre haven that is alive with bees, gardens, chickens, cats, dogs, 3 horses named Payday, Johnny and Barbie and a goat named Sarah.

My clearing work began when I knew it was a critical part of my life’s path to clear generations of trauma from this land. The layers continue to peel away as this place becomes more and more a sanctuary for learning and healing, not only for my family but for the women and girls who join my Priestess and Maidens circles and others who come here to teach, play and learn.

Four Oaks is surrounded partly by  tidal marshland and partly by a tidal river. We enjoy watching the birds: ospreys; red tailed hawks; egrets; blue herons; pelicans; bald eagles; yellow crested night herons and many more.

Bettina 8 Emerge

My full name is Bettina Colonna Essert and I invite you to contact me with any questions. Blessings on you.

Me, at our Emergence. What a happy, beautiful, perfect day!

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